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Bathroom design in contemporary homes has progressed beyond essential utility. It is simply a place to relax after a tiring day. Thus, the shower door is critical in adding an ideal atmosphere to your bathroom areas. We completely understand the importance of high-quality shower doors and how they give your bathroom an elegant look. Let’s highlight the shower doors in Bainbridge and the surrounding areas and how they bring an improved feel into your bath space.

Frameless Shower Door Types That We Offer

AQ Glass Shower Doors Seattle located in Woodinville, WA has proudly being providing residential and commercial frameless glass shower doors solutions, to the Bainbridge area since 2005.

Glass Shower doors

Nothing can beat glass shower doors if we give a perfect example of elegance and sophistication. They have a transparency feature to let the natural light come in, which brings a certain brightness into the whole bathroom to make it look spacious. Premier Shower Doors services are available in this category, including textured, frosted, or clear options. Every choice elevates your bathroom with a contemporary touch and is more than just a door.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are elegant for people looking for a minimalistic and simple design. They have a smooth appearance that adds to your bathroom space with added beauty. Thus, it eventually adds to your smaller bathroom with a more extensive outlook. They don’t just look visually beautiful but are also simple to maintain.

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are best for bathroom areas that have limited space. They can be great for small spaces due to their space-saving features and efficient operation. Sliding shower doors from Premier Shower Doors Services let you maximize your available area without sacrificing design. They do this by fusing elegance and functionality.

Bathtub Shower doors

Selecting the correct door for people with tub-shower combinations can be difficult. Our bathtub shower doors provide customized options that improve both appearance and usefulness. We offer alternatives to fit any taste, whether you're more into a more conventional style or something sleek and modern.

Custom Shower Doors

Every bathroom is different, and it is something we at Premier Shower Doors Services recognize. For this reason, we provide bespoke shower doors that may be made to fit any style. The options are unlimited regarding sizes, shapes, finishes, and hardware. With our customized shower door services, let us realize your vision.

Common Services

Installation of Shower Doors

Selecting the ideal shower door is only the beginning. With our expert team of installation services, you can be much confident that your new door will be fitted precisely and consistently perfectly. Because of our skill and knowledge in installation methods, you can be confident that your shower door will look great and work perfectly.

Replacing Shower Doors

Shower doors can deteriorate or become out of style with time, which takes away from the overall design of your bathroom. Because of our effective replacement services for shower doors, you can continue having secure and fashionable bathroom styles. Whether it is about a major redesign or a minor tweak, we have all the tools and basic know-how for finishing the work efficiently.

Upkeep of Shower Doors

Regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining the finest possible appearance for your shower doors. Our professionals advise keeping glass shower doors clean and maintained so that their beauty lasts for many years. Additionally, we provide product and technique recommendations for best outcomes, assisting you in protecting your bathroom investment.

Upgrades for Shower Doors

Do you want to improve how your current shower doors work or look? Our alternatives for upgrading shower doors provide the ideal answer. We offer various choices to meet your requirements, regardless of your preference for enhancing safety features or optimizing energy efficiency. Allow us to revitalize your bathroom with our renovation services.

Explore Our Range of Custom Glass Shower Doors

We Provide the wide range of Custom Shower doors in Seattle. We offer the best frameless glass shower doors. You can upgrade your bathroom with our reliable Shower door installation service in Seattle. Our custom solutions are more than just shower doors; they are a gateway to a luxurious bathing experience. 

Explore a range of options with services as well. Below is a list of our products and services:
Frameless Shower Doors
Framed Shower Doors
Frosted Shower Doors
Barn/Sliding Shower Doors
Steam Shower Doors
Custom Shower Doors
Neo-Angle Shower Doors
Corner Shower Doors

Make your bathroom stylish and modern with our fancy shower doors. Upgrade your bathroom effortlessly with our Shower door Installation service in Seattle, setting a new standard in style. You’ll enjoy a perfect mix of simplicity and style.

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Where We Work

Shower Door Installation Service Areas in Seattle, WA


Why should you choose us?

  • Superior Workmanship: Premier Shower Doors Services feels pride in letting their customers know they work with complete dedication to present the finest artistry. Our commitment falls in the quality of work we are delivering at best with advanced use of supplies.

  • Skilled Installation: Our installation crew is made up of skilled experts with years of experience. Your shower door will be installed precisely thanks to their expertise, guaranteeing a perfect fit and maximum performance.

  • Customer Contentment: Our main objective is to provide services superior to our clients in every way. From when you contact us until your project is finished, we work hard to make the process easy and pleasurable.

  • Affordable: We recognize the value of pricing even though we always strive for quality and service. We provide competitive price alternatives to ensure everyone can afford our shower door services.

  • Extensive Selection of Choices: Through the wide selection of great styles we offer, we are sure you can pick the ideal one for your shower door renovation. Endless possibilities will come your way, including modern ones or the ones with timeless elegance to meet all your preferences. 

  • Local Assistance: Being a neighborhood company that caters to the Bainbridge community, we are aware of our clients’ particular requirements and tastes. You can thus rely on us to deliver outcomes beyond your expectations with our prompt and efficient service.


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Hear It From Our Customers

Based on 23 reviews
Katie McCain
Katie McCain
March 14, 2024
Update: company said they didn't install, but did through our contractor who used AQ Glass. If there is a solution to the problem I'd love to hear it and move forward. 🙂 Not responsive when issues arise. Good doors, bad design that we can’t clean the bottom seals. So gross!! Called to inquire and he said to text when he didn’t seem to have an answer…seemed like code to just get me off the phone as no response was given for how to address the issue.
Ema M
Ema M
May 17, 2023
I just had a shower door installed by AQ Glass here in bellevue and I am very happy with my new shower! From start to finish, the process was smooth, efficient, and stress-free. The team was super friendly and professional from the moment I reached out to them for a quote. They worked with me to find the perfect shower door to fit my bathroom's design. They had the best price with the fastest turn around time. I couldn't believe it was ready to be installed after 3 day from them doing the final measurements!
Tiff L
Tiff L
July 2, 2022
Extremely unreliable and unresponsive company. First, they NEVER picked up calls. I have been calling them over 2 weeks over 10 times and no response. Second, I scheduled an appointment with them on Friday afternoon, locking down a timeframe by email. They emailed me on Thursday 11am and said they want to come at 12pm, an hour beforehand. And they emailed me instead of calling. I emailed back and said I couldn't make it and let's stick to the original Friday appointment. No response at all (no email or calls). On Friday, which is our original appointment time, they didn't show up. They didn't respond to the email nor picked up the call. I had to wait there for hours for them. Horrible company and unreliable team. Ben! Pick up or return the calls and actually go to the appointments that were made. If you want to trust your thousands dollar project with this kind of company, use them at your own risk. Imagine if something goes wrong, how would you even find them.
Paul Sebastian Urcan
Paul Sebastian Urcan
June 30, 2022
Five star review. I had a couple shower doors installed and a custom mirror. I’m very happy with the results it looks amazing. Don’t hesitate to contact them.
Theresa Shetty
Theresa Shetty
December 24, 2020
We had our beautiful glass doors installed 5 years ago. A couple days ago, my mom fell into the glass door and shifted the door. I contacted Ben at AQ glass and he sent someone out to fix it for us. No charge! We appreciated the great customer service.
Dina Maria Pop [Official]
Dina Maria Pop [Official]
November 28, 2020
I called AQ Glass and they came out the same day to take measurements in bellevue. They sent estimate couple hours later which was lowest of the 3 estimarea i git. They instaled our Beautiful shower door a week later. They were Very profesional, courteous and on time was a pleasure to work with i high recomand
Denise Steendahl
Denise Steendahl
October 7, 2020
They were flexible with their appointment scheduling to accommodate the delay from the tile not being set on time. When I was ready, they came out the next morning (on Tuesday) to measure. The glass was installed that Friday morning! Amazing turnaround, very affordable price (about $1,000 less than another bid I got) and their work is very well done. I highly recommend AQ Glass!
September 23, 2020
I called Aq Glass gave him measurements for our shower door and installed in 1 week. They gave me best price and fastest turnaround time by 2 week. I highly recommend!!! Call and talk to Ben
ADL Floors
ADL Floors
August 6, 2020
Aq Glass installed a frameless shower door at my house in Woodinville, Wa. On time, great service, and fast service. I recommend Aq Glass.


Why Choose Our Shower Door Services?

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Are you prepared to upgrade your shower doors and completely revamp your bathroom? To arrange a consultation or service appointment, contact us right now. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in realizing your idea. Premier Shower Doors Services can help you discover the difference that quality and service can make.


In summary, the significance of high-quality shower doors in improving the overall bathroom experience cannot be emphasized. At Premier Shower Doors Services in Bainbridge, we’re committed to offering premium goods and solutions that will take the style and usefulness of your area to whole new levels. Learn more about our products and services to see why we’re the best option for any shower door requirement.


Question & Answers

Our team will generally measure the entire space for two to three hours.

Tempered glass is most commonly used for shower doors because of its reputation for safety and durability. The fast heating and cooling procedure makes this glass far more durable than annealed glass.

The use of thicker, sturdier glass in their construction is typically the reason behind the greater price. This improvement raises the value of your home, but it can be out of reach for people with limited funds.

When cared properly, shower doors have a 20- to 30-year lifecycle. But there are a number of things that can decrease the lifespan of your doors, such as defective installation and care. Thus, remember to perform the suggested maintenance and be alert for these warning indications that it might be time to replace your shower doors.

Compared to modern, sleek shower doors, framed shower doors with thinner glass have an antique feel. It is often utilized as “builder grade” in shower doors construction to minimize money. Framed doors have a shorter lifespan.

The glass used in shower doors that is most commonly found to be easy to clean is typically found in semi-frameless, walk-in, and frameless designs.

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